Shindokan Budo New England


Our Mission

At Shindokan Budo Dojo, our mission is to correctly practice, preserve, and propagate the authentic classical and traditional Japanese budo, the martial arts of the samurai of feudal Japan. As inheritors and caretakers of the martial traditions of the samurai, we as practitioners are heirs to a rich and profound legacy. 

Looking more deeply, our mission is to provide a place of personal growth through the deep study and practice of these martial traditions, and the principles and life teachings upon which they are built. We seek to support each other in our development and, by extension, foster the development of awareness, wisdom, and peace in our communities and in society at large. 

Each one of us has the potential to make a great difference in this life; like the ripples caused by a stone cast into the water, our actions move outward from their source, affecting those around us. Each moment is a choice in which we can decide to act with dignity, wisdom, and compassion. Each moment is an opportunity to make a difference in this world, no matter how seemingly small it may be. The classical Japanese martial traditions, the heritage of the samurai of old, provide us with the means and the determination to make the right choices, for the benefit of all.